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 ===== Displays ===== ===== Displays =====
-==== Displays ==== 
 +=== Mission Info ===
 +The mission info display can take a few different forms depending on the stage of the mission. However, it will generally be a full-screen display that provides the mission giver portrait, a description of the mission, a list of objectives, the rewards and the time remaining. You'll see this display when talking with a mission giver or when clicking on an active mission.
 +[{{ :​missions:​mission_info.jpg?​direct&​400|Mission Info Display}}]
 +=== Overview UI ===
 +Any active missions that you have will be displayed in the top right of the screen. They will show the mission giver portrait, the name of the mission and a timer. They will also show the percent completion with the entire display acting as a progress bar. Clicking on these will show the detailed information for each mission.