Unlike other casino games, walking up to a poker table won't take you directly to a poker game. Instead, it will take you to the Poker Lobby, letting you select which type of game to play before starting.

Poker in CasinoRPG follows the rules of Texas Hold 'Em.

Poker Lobby

Poker Lobby

The Poker Lobby has three distinct sections:

Quick Play

This is the fastest way to start playing poker. There are a few options that you can select from, and then you simply click the button to join a table. This will take into account your level, chips, etc as well as what games have players active on them to determine which table it places you at.


This is a listing of all available poker tables that are currently active. You can switch between Cash Games and Sit and Go's. There are also various filters for different game type settings.


These are a list of active and scheduled tournaments that you can sign up for, displayed as tiles.

Starting a Table

If you don't see any tables that you want to join, you can always start a new table. Clicking the New Table button in the top right of the **Tables* section of the lobby opens a menu to select either Cash Game or Sit and Go. Each of these then has various settings to select for your specific table.

Game Types

All of the games are of the Texas Hold'em variant; however, there are various different formats that this game comes in.

No Limit

This is the most common form of Texas Hold'em and allows betting or raising any amount up to the amount of chips you have at the table. You can find more detailed rules here.


This is similar to No Limit Hold'em, except that there are fixed limits placed on the amounts that can be bet or raised. You can find more detailed rules here.

Cash Game

A cash game is the most common form of playing poker. You buy-in to the table for a specified range and play until you are done. You can get up and leave with your chips in hand at any time. If you run out you can always buy-in again.

Sit and Go

A Sit and Go is similar to a tournament, but it is limited to one table. You buy-in for a set amount and play until you run out of chips. If you are one of the last standing, you win a percentage of the prize pool.


Tournaments are the exact same as a Sit and Go; however, they are always scheduled in advance and can have more than 9 players spread across many tables. As players get knocked out, the tables get re-balanced until there is a final table. The percentage awarded and number of players in the money depends on the number of players that entered the tournament.


Any player-created table is considered a hosted table if the player that started it has Citizenship. What this means is that the “host” or table starter is able to kick any other player from the table and that player won't be able to joint that specific table again. If the host leaves the table, then it becomes a regular table and nobody has the kick power anymore.

Poker Raffle

The Poker Cash Game Raffle awards 25 Casino Points to one random player every 15 minutes. To be eligible for this, you must have accumulated 10+ minutes of play time at the same table and be active at the table. You can't win the raffle twice in a row and aren't eligible on private tables.


Key Description
C Call/check.
F Fold.
Alt+A Go all-in.
B Bet/Raise.