Key Description
G Opens/closes the global chat window.
Q Opens/closes the quick chat box (post to global chat without the window).
X Lets you say something locally through a speech bubble.
T Opens the emote modal for local or table chat.
H Show/hide the HUD when outside.
O Opens/closes your phone.
M Opens/closes the mini-map (while outside).
Esc Close the current modal window.
WASD Alternate character movement to using the mouse.
Arrows Alternate character movement to using the mouse.


Key Description
E Opens/closes the editor.
A Accept an item's position.
U Upgrade an item.
D Sell an item.
R Rotate an item clockwise.
←/→ Rotate an item clockwise or counter-clockwise.
V Move an item to the vault storage while on the vault menu.
I Instant item action.
Esc Drops selected item.


Key Description
Enter Travel to selected location.


Key Description
Space Spin.


Key Description
U Undo last move.
H Get a hint.


Key Description
C Call/check.
F Fold.
Alt+A Go all-in.
B Bet/Raise.


Key Description
Space Stand.
H Hit.
D Double.
P Split.
B Bet.
R Rebet.
Y Yes.
N No.


Key Description
R Rebet.
Space Ready or rebet + ready.
C Clear bet.
U Undo bet.

Video Poker

Key Description
Space Draw/Deal.
1-5 Hold/Unhold cards.