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Being an RPG (role-playing game), everything in CasinoRPG revolves around a backstory. Episode 1 of the narrative missions gives you some of that backstory before thrusting you into the middle of the drama surrounding mysterious events in GoldFire City. Bits and pieces of the story are also scattered around the city and other areas of the game.


Unlike most missions, you can't go searching for the narrative missions because there's no floating gold coins to be found. As you play the game, the narrative missions will find you (even though you might not even realize you are playing through them).

The narrative missions are designed to happen over time, so don't expect to complete the first episode on your first day, and possibly not even in your first week. CasinoRPG is a real-time game, so events can take time to unfold.


There's currently just one episode, which consists of a variety of missions where you'll meet various characters in the broader story of GoldFire City. The plan is to release further episodes in the future.