The primary of the two currencies found in CasinoRPG. Chips are used for everything in the game, from gambling and customizations to running your casino tycoon and more. Not only can Chips be earned from playing casino games, but they can also be earned by completing missions, job shifts, a successfully managed casino, and more.

Casino Points

One of two main forms of currency in CasinoRPG. Casino Points (also known as CP) are called so because they are primarily earned by playing casino games. These are mainly used in conjunction with Chips to purchase casino items, clothing, real estate, party bombs, etc. Casino Points can also be acquired and sold for chips to other players through the market.


This measures your overall progression through the game and is used to calculate leveling milestones. The more experience you gain, the more freedom you have in the game world to do things like purchase land, be a high roller in casinos and much more. Experience is gained from virtually every activity in CasinoRPG.


When loading into the game, you find yourself in your condo by default. This acts as the game's “main menu” where you can access things like character customization, news, daily slots and access to the city. You can also highly customize your condo just like you can with your casinos.


Characters with bobbing yellow coins floating over their heads are known as Mission Givers. You will find them scattered all throughout the city, and you can talk to them to get various missions. Sometimes, missions will also be assigned to you through special events and the storyline.


There are various jobs that you can work your way through, starting with janitor. You get paid for completing shifts, and as you progress you can become more skilled at each position and get paid higher wages.


Tired of walking everywhere? No problem, just walk up to any taxi, select your destination on the map and away you go! You can also expand the mini-map to utilize favorites and set waypoints (which will show a visual path to follow in-game). If you become a citizen, you also get a private driver that lets you quickly get to any casino you click on in the mini map!


Walk up to any bar and buy a drink to get a boost such as walking faster or extra experience! Be sure to pace yourself though, as too many drinks and the bartender will cut you off! However, you can always visit an Espresso bar to get sobered up.

Overall Monthly Ranking

The overall monthly ranking can be viewed from the “Leaderboards” tab on the toolbar. This ranking is based on a score that takes into account a variety of factors including success at casino games, growth of your casino empire and experience gained in the current month. The fluctuations of your chips total does not factor into the ranking. The top 10 players each month will be awarded with a special Flame Trophy item for their casinos.


Citizenship is an optional subscription service that gets you some added perks in exchange for helping to support the continued development of the game and community. You can purchase citizenship by clicking the green '+' symbol next to your Casino Points and going to the “CITIZEN” tab. Some of the benefits include:

  • Private driver from your properties list and the mini-map.
  • Ability to build 6th floor in your casinos.
  • 100 auto spins in slots.
  • Exclusive clothing items.
  • +10% casino game max bet.
  • Ability to start private poker tables.
  • 2x favorites and photo storage.
  • Citizenship medal.
  • +100% daily slots multiplier.
  • Special icon in global chat.