Party Bombs

Party Bombs can be purchased at any ATM for 50 Casino Points. These are used to bring the community together and share the wealth with your fellow players. Once purchased, a bomb symbol will float over your head. To activate, simply click on it and items, chips, points, experience and more will shoot out in all directions at random. The catch is, only other players can collect what comes out!

A “Bomb Party” is a common occurrence around the city where many people buy bombs and come together to share with each other. What can make this especially exciting is that some of the items that come out can only be collected from Party Bombs rather than bought from the Editor.

Double XP Day

The last Saturday of every month is known as “Double XP Day”. As the name implies, 2x experience points are awarded for the entire day on any activity in the game.

Bomb Party Schedule

A popular activity on Double XP Day is hosting and joining “bomb parties” where lots of players come together to drop party bombs. This used to be completely scheduled and run by the community, but as this activity grew in popularity, it became necessary to facilitate it through the game to better streamline the process and keep it fair.

  • All Double XP Day official party functions are run through the “Events” app in your in-game cellphone.
  • All party slots are 20 minutes in duration, allowing for a total of 72 parties for the duration of the day.
  • Players can only book 2 parties per month in casinos that they own. They also can't book the same time slot multiple months in a row.
  • Party slots will first be auctioned off for chips, similar to how item or real estate auctions work. These auctions will start 2 weeks before Double XP Day and last for 3 days. All bids will be anonymous until the 3 day period has ended.
  • After the 3 day period, any unclaimed party slots can be claimed for free on a first come, first served basis. Any claimed slots can also be relinquished after the bidding process is complete, thus opening them to be claimed by someone else for free.
  • After the auctions are complete, the full schedule can be viewed from the “Events” app.
  • On the day of the event, anyone can go to the Events app, view the schedule and get free rides to the current and upcoming party locations.