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Missions are a great way to earn chips and experience as well as participate in the ever-evolving story of GoldFire City. Most missions can be accessed through mission givers, though there are a few other types that are outlined in the other sections.

Slots Addict Mission Giver

Mission Givers

Mission Givers can be found scattered around the city, though they usually hang around town squares in the various zones of GoldFire City. They can be identified with the bobbing gold coin over their heads. If they have a mission for you, simply click on them to walk up and speak with them.

You can also find Mission Givers in the area by looking at the mini-map. They will show up as large colored circles. If you expand the map, you can click on them to get a hint as to who they are and what type of mission they might have for you.


Mission Info

The mission info display can take a few different forms depending on the stage of the mission. However, it will generally be a full-screen display that provides the mission giver portrait, a description of the mission, a list of objectives, the rewards and the time remaining. You'll see this display when talking with a mission giver or when clicking on an active mission.

Mission Info Display

Overview UI

Any active missions that you have will be displayed in the top right of the screen. They will show the mission giver portrait, the name of the mission and a timer. They will also show the percent completion with the entire display acting as a progress bar. Clicking on these will show the detailed information for each mission.