Get around the city and navigate casinos just by clicking/tapping where you wish to walk. You can also click and hold while outside to continuously walk in the direction of your mouse/finger.


Enter or exit a building such as a casino or bank by clicking on its doors. Inside casinos with multiple stories, travel between floors by clicking on elevator doors.

Your Condo

You can instantly travel to your condo by clicking the Quick Menu (represented by the “hamburger” menu icon) in the very top left of the screen, then clicking the house icon at the bottom of the pop-up menu. Get back to the city by clicking your condo door.

You can invite other players up to your condo for a private chat or to share Explore/Party-Bombs. Click the player, then the User icon which appears above the player to view his or her profile. Then click the ACTIONS button and select INVITE TO CONDO.



While outside, you will see a square map in the top right of the screen. This map displays all player-owned casinos (with star rating), non-player buildings, taxis, mission givers and other online players in real-time. Click on the map to get a fullscreen version, allowing you to scan around the map and see the names of zones.

You can click-and-drag the map around to find any location, or you can use the search bar to find a building by name, address, or owner. You can also open the waypoint manager and add new favorites that you can easily travel to using a taxi or driver.


Tired of walking everywhere? No problem, just walk up to any taxi, select your destination on the map and away you go!


A perk of CRPG citizenship is a personal driver to take you anywhere you want to go without having to track down a taxi. Just expand the map, click a building you want to visit, and click the DRIVER button.