CasinoRPG Bingo is a new twist on a classic game of chance.

In bingo, an announcer will draw numbers at random and call them out, one by one. Players daub (mark) the matching numbers on bingo cards by clicking or tapping them as they are called.

There is one free space in the middle of the card which can be daubed at the start of the game. Once a player has daubed five spaces in a row in any direction (horizontal, vertical, or diagonal), they may claim their bingo by clicking the BINGO button below the card.

There are a limited number of bingos each game, so you'll want to claim yours as fast as you can.


At the beginning of the game, you'll choose how many cards you want to play, and how much you want to bet per card. For instance, if you play four cards and bet 250 chips, your total bet will be 1,000 chips.

For each bingo you win, you'll get 2x your bet back. So in the example above, if you win bingos on all four cards, you'll win 2,000 chips!

Keep in mind, though, the more cards you play, the more frantic the game will be as you try to scan each card for the numbers being called out by the announcer.


Keys will appear on random spots on your bingo cards. When you daub the spots the keys are on, you get to collect them. At the end of the game, each key you have will unlock a treasure chest filled with XP or CP!


In CasinoRPG's variation of bingo, players can also collect power-ups to get an edge on the competition. Pirates help players by fishing for power-ups in the sea. Each time you daub a space on a card, the fishhook will descend further. (After you activate your power-up, the pirates will take a short break from fishing.)

There are two versions of each power-up, a weak one and a strong one. The stronger power-up is always deeper in the sea, and thus takes longer to reach. You must decide if it's worth waiting for the stronger power-up, or if it's more advantageous to save time by activating the weaker one.

There are four types of power-ups:

Power-Up Ability Weak Strong
Spyglass Sees into the future! Allows you to daub numbers which haven't been called yet. 3 numbers 5 numbers
Bombs Bombs appear on random spots on your bingo cards. When they explode, the spots get daubed for you! 1 bomb/card 3 bombs/card
Keys Keys appear on random spots on your bingo cards. When you daub those spots, you get to keep the keys! 1 key/card 3 keys/card
Seagull Seagulls dive bomb other players, making a mess of their bingo cards. Daubed spots get wiped out and replaced with different numbers, sometimes from other columns. 1 opponent 3 opponents

Bingo Board

If you ever forget which numbers have already been called, you can click the magnifying glass to open up the bingo board. All called numbers will be highlighted.

Bet Levels

You can choose from four different bet options. As you level up, the amount you can bet per card goes up as well.

Level XS S M L
1 50 100 150 200
4 100 200 300 500
7 500 1000 1500 2000
10 1000 5000 10000 15000
15 2500 10000 15000 25000
20 5000 15000 25000 50000
25 7500 25000 50000 75000
30 10000 30000 50000 100000
40 15000 50000 100000 125000
50 25000 75000 125000 150000
60 50000 100000 200000 250000
70 100000 200000 300000 400000


If you manage to claim a bingo before the seventh number is called, you'll win the bingo progressive jackpot.