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Lottery games come in many forms, and the Lottery Machine in CasinoRPG currently offers three different games in one.

Pick 5 Screen

Pick 5

Purchase up to 100 random sets of 5 number tickets (unique to your account) per day for 50 Chips each. Hourly drawings are held, and your tickets last until a winner is declared. Match 3 in a row to win XP, 4 in a row to win 5 CP and 5 in a row to win the jackpot!

50/50 Screen


Place a bet in any amount of Chips or Casino Points. Once another player makes a matching bet, one of you will be randomly selected as the winner, receiving all the Chips/Casino Points (minus a 5% rake paid to the house)!

Scratchers Screen


Select from one of several themed scratch-off instant win cards, such as Amazing 8's or Nine Lives. Click the scratch-off areas to reveal numbers one at a time, or pick AUTO SCRATCH to reveal them all at once. If you manage to match 3 numbers, you'll receive the prize listed below those numbers, which may be Chips, Casino Points, a free Scratcher ticket or the JACKPOT! There is a unique progressive jackpot for each scratcher card.