Global Chat

Access global chat from anywhere in the game, whether building your casino empire or playing one of the many games. You can access global chat by either pressing the 'G' key on your keyboard or by clicking on the chat button in the top left of the screen.

In addition to the global chat window, there is an optional “quick chat” display in the bottom left of the screen that displays the last few global chat messages. You can also press the 'Q' key to open a text box and chat in global chat through the quick chat area.


Slashcodes can be used in global chat to perform various actions. Simply type the slashcode followed by the message/username/etc.

Action Slashcode
Whisper Reply /r MESSAGE
Crew Chat /c MESSAGE
Party Chat /p MESSAGE
Crew Announcement /a MESSAGE (from within crew chat)
War Chat /war MESSAGE
Ignore User /ignore USER
Unignore User /unignore USER
Blackchip /blackchip USER

Crew Chat

Crew chat will show up in the quick chat section as blue text instead of white. You can also view full crew chat by opening the global chat window and clicking on the “crew” tab.

Party Chat

Party chats are generated automatically when participating in a casino game sprint mission or a Slot Tournament. A new “party” tab will be added to global chat and it will appear in quick chat with green text. The chat will persist for 60 seconds after the conclusion of the sprint or tournament and then be automatically removed.

Local Chat

While global chat reaches the entire game population, local chat is confined to those within eyesight of your character. Simply press the 'X' key to open a speech bubble and start typing (press the enter key to send the message). This is great for meeting up with others to play together or just to chat with those that you run into while exploring.

Table Chat

Table chat works the same way as local chat, but it is confined to your current table game. This lets you chat with others while playing poker, blackjack or roulette for example. You again use the 'X' key to access table chat just like in the world.


Emotes are a quicker form of local/table chat that can be accessed with the 'T' key. This will open a window with various emoticons and phrases that you simply click on to send. Just like local chat, these will show over your avatar either at the table or in the game world.

Chat Rules

In order to maintain order and protect the community, CasinoRPG has a set of rules in place which must be followed at all times. You can find all the rules at