A crew battle is a competition between two matched crews (with at least 3 active members each). Players from both teams receive a scorecard that provides challenges to earn points for their teams.

In order to keep battles fair, team sizes are fixed to the active number count of the smaller crew. The larger crew then has 24 hours to select which members will participate in the battle. For example, if a crew with 10 active players is matched with a crew with 5 active players, each crew will have 5 members in the battle.

Battles are winner-take-all, with 50% of the bet pool going to the winning crew bank and 45% going to the players based on their individual scores.


In order to battle, you simply go to the “BATTLE” tab in your crew and click the “CHALLENGE” button. Alternatively, you can go to the “BATTLE” tab and click to the “CHALLENGE” button to specify what bet level your crew is interested in. The system will then try to match you with a similar crew, a process that could be instant or could take up to 24 hours. Once a match is found, you will both have 24-hours to prepare before the 24-hour battle begins.

The buy-in is set to 50,000 chips per participant. When you start a challenge, the maximum amount of chips will be removed from the crew bank and then any excess will be refunded if your crew is matched with a smaller team.


Each player gets a scorecard during the battle, which you can access by clicking the green flag in the top left of the screen. This provides them with a variety of personal, team and bonus challenges. Each time you complete a personal challenge, your score will be updated if you beat your previous high score at that challenge. You can then unlock bonus challenges by completing each personal challenge once.

The team challenges require a group effort to complete. Each team has the same challenges and they must be completed in order to unlock the next one. There are 5 team challenges per battle, and completing each one gives a 5% boost to the overall team score.

Battle List

You can watch the live results of all active battles by going to the “BATTLES” tab of the “All Crews” window. You can also see the live stats and per-player scores of your own battle by going to the “BATTLE” tab of your crew's window.

Battle History

When you aren't in an active battle, the “BATTLE” tab displays a list of past battles and wars. Clicking on these gives you an overview of the outcome of the battle with point breakdowns per member.