There are a variety of different multiplayer missions available in CasinoRPG, and they can be accessed in a couple of different ways. However, they all share the ability to invite others in your immediate area by clicking on a player and clicking the “+” button to add them to the group (if they accept).


Slot Sprint

All multiplayer mission will display similar to a normal mission; however, the main difference is that it will display each player/team in the group and their live progress below the standard mission display.


There is a “sprint” mission available for every casino game type. These missions are for 2-8 players. The goal of each is to reach the desired point total the fastest, whether that be spinning slots of winning blackjacks.

To start a sprint mission, simply click on another player and click the button with the dice on it to start a bet. You'll select a game type and a bet amount. You and anyone else in the group can then click on other players and invite them to the group. Once your group is ready, the person that started the mission can click on the display in the top right and start the sprint.

Team Missions

Team missions are similar to sprints, but the players in the group are randomly split into two competing teams. These are generally started by speaking to a normal mission giver, but inviting others to the group works the same as the sprints.

The Bounty

This is essentially a scavenger hunt. Your team will hunt around the area where the mission was started to find chips and other items on the ground. To collect the chips you must stand next to it until the progress bar fills. The progress bar fills faster the more players you have standing around it. There are also other collectables that can have various impacts such as freezing the other team for 10 seconds.