There are various different types of buildings around GoldFire City, each with its own unique function, design and color on the mini-map.

A few casinos.


All casinos in the game are owned, operated and designed by other players in the game. There are no NPC-run casinos in CasinoRPG. Once you have earned your Building Permit, you are able to own casinos of your own as well. Casinos are marked as white buildings on the mini-map, and can have a star-rating of 1-5 (shown on top of the casino).

Real Estate Office

There is a Real Estate Office in every zone in GoldFire City, which is marked as yellow on the mini-map. As the name suggests, this is where you go to purchase properties for your casino empire to grow.

Real Estate Office

Realtor Desk

Walk up to the woman behind the desk in any Real Estate Office to see a map of all sold and available plots of land in the current zone. If any are open, you will have the option to purchase one if you have your Building Permit. If none are open, there will be a button to get a free taxi ride to another zone that has open lots.

Real Estate Market

Players may buy or sell properties (land and casinos) on the open market. The lot is what is listed for sale, and everything on that lot and inside any casino that might be present are sold with it.

There is also a foreclosure auction house within the market. Lots/casinos owned by players that have been inactive for many months will be placed for auction here, and anyone can bid on these.



Banks are scattered around the city and are marked as green on the mini-map. Besides being the focus of attention by The Shark in several missions, it has the following functions:

Auction House

Walk up to the front desk in any Bank around the city to access the Auction House. This is where you can buy and sell limited edition items with other players in an auction format.

Condo Building

All players start the game with a condo, and these buildings are where those condos are located. They are marked with blue on the mini-map and contain some additional functionality in their lobbies:

Condo Building

Job Board

Visit any Condo Building and walk up to the Job Board in the middle of the lobby. This will display stats about your current job progression, rankings and stats. This is also where you will go to work jobs each day.

Player Lookup

If you walk up to the front desk in the lobby of any Condo Building, you will be shown your most recently active friends as well as provided with a search feature to lookup the profiles of other players.

Crew Building

Crew House

Once a Crew has progressed far enough, it can purchase a lot in the city and build a special building on it. This can be a private place for crew members to gather, or it can be made public to show off to others around the city. These buildings are marked with orange on the mini-map.