Exclusive Items

Exclusive items (or limited edition items) are sometimes released for various holidays, events or other occasions. Other than a select few (such as the ones from the auction house), these items are only available for a limited amount of time and are never again made available. In addition, these limited edition items (again, except for the ones from the auction house) are special in that they will never need repair and will never need to be replaced.

Click on individual years to see image previews of the items from that year.

2013 Exclusives

  • Halloween 2013: Candy Corn Machine
  • Happy Holidays 2013: Holiday Poker Table, Reindeer Sculpture

2014 Exclusives

  • St. Patrick's Day 2014: Lucky Poker Table
  • Easter 2014: Bunny Statue
  • Summer 2014: Multi-Color Flags
  • Auction House: Diamond Displays, Shark Displays
  • Halloween 2014: Haunted Poker Table
  • Happy Holidays 2014: Gingerbread Solitaire Table

2015 Exclusives

  • St. Patrick's Day 2015: Rainbow Beam Light
  • Easter 2015: Easter Roulette
  • Summer 2015: Spiral Sculptures
  • Trick-or-Treat 2015: Halloween Blackjack
  • Happy Holidays 2015: Nutcracker ATMs

2016 Exclusives

  • St. Patrick's Day 2016: Gold Hoard
  • Easter 2016: Easter Solitaire
  • Court Card Series: Golden Joker
  • Summer 2016: Jumping Water Fountain, Jumping Water Arch
  • Trick-or-Treat 2016: Candy Corn Lottery Machine, Cat Pedestal, Gargoyle ATM, Tombstone Video Poker
  • Happy Holidays 2016: Grand Fireplace, Frozen Poker Tables, Frozen Bar

2017 Exclusives

  • St. Patrick's Day Pub Crawl 2017: Giant Clover, Rainbow Blackjack, Rainbow Video Poker, Solitaire Stones
  • Easter Egg Hunt 2017: Easter Blackjack, Chocolate Bunny ATM, Egg Hunt Lottery, Easter Wreath
  • Summer Hot Dog Contest 2017: Beach Poker, Beach Bingo, Beach Roulette, Tiki Bar, Beach Chair
  • Trick-or-Treat 2017: Arc Lamp, Floating Brain, Plasma Disk, Mad Lab Bar, Monster Lottery
  • Exocraft Beta: Exocraft Arcade
  • Happy Holidays/Unbeard the Shark 2017: Berry Fun Arcade, Milk and Cookies Bar, Giant Lollipops, Gingerbread Lottery, Ice Cream Bingo, Raspberry Roulette

2018 Exclusives

  • Winter Olympics Race 2018: Winter Olympics Poker
  • St. Patrick's Day 2018: Green Beer ATM
  • Easter Egg Hunt 2018: Blossom Bingo, Planted Poker, Floral Archway, Violet Video Poker, Floral Fountain
  • International Jazz Day 2018: Jazzy Jukebox
  • World UFO Day 2018: Alien Slots
  • Summer Hot Dog Contest 2018: Tiki Fruit Bar, Fire Pit, Tiki Video Poker, Tiki Solitaire, Tiki Totem
  • Talk Like A Pirate Day 2018: Pirate Parrot
  • Trick-or-Treat 2018: Vampire Bookshelf, Vampire Poker, Vampire Roulette, Vampire Mirror, Vampire ATM
  • National Cookie Day 2018: Cookie Vending Machine
  • Happy Holidays Gifting 2018: Toy ATM, Toy Poker, Giant Toy Dice, Toy Video Poker, Toy Solitaire, Toy Blackjack

2019 Exclusives

  • Valentine's Day 2019: Slots of Love
  • Mardi Gras Bead Collecting 2019: Mardi Gras ATM, Mardi Gras Bingo, Mardi Gras Poker, Mardi Gras Dancer Statues
  • Easter Egg Hunt 2019: Chocolate ATM, Chocolate Bar, Giant Chocolate Egg, Chocolate Blackjack, Chocolate Lottery, Chocolate Fountain
  • GoldFire Day 2019: GoldFire Flame Statue
  • Summer Hot Dog Contest 2019: Cookout Table, BBQ Poker, BBQ Blackjack, BBQ Solitaire, Burger ATM, Outdoor Grill
  • National S'mores Day 2019: S'mores Bar
  • Octoberfest 2019: Beer Keg Tap
  • Trick-or-Treat 2019: Alien Lottery, UFO Poker, Alien Roulette, Alien Solitaire, Alien Toxic Waste, Alien Biochamber
  • Espresso Day 2019: Golden Espresso Bar
  • Happy Holidays Gifting 2019: Ornament Bingo, Ornament Blackjack, Ornament Poker, Ornament Video Poker, Giant Ornaments, Ornament Wreath

2020 Exclusives

  • Cheese Lover's Day 2020: Cheese Lover's ATM
  • Valentine's Day 2020: Slots of Love (Candy Hearts)
  • St. Patrick's Pub Crawl 2020: Beer Keg ATM, Lucky Hat Bingo, Four-Leaf Lottery, Four-Leaf Poker, Rainbow Divider, Wishing Well
  • Easter Egg Hunt 2020: Bunny Bingo, Bunny Lottery, Bunny Solitaire, Carrot ATM, Giant Dahlia, Sleeping Bunny
  • National Solitaire Day 2020: Desktop Solitaire 95
  • Father's Day 2020: Fishing Lure ATM
  • Summer Hot Dog Contest 2020: Anemone, Aquarium Video Poker, Shell ATM, Tidepool Blackjack, Starfish, Fish Fountain
  • Roller Coaster Day 2020: Roller Coaster Solitaire
  • Talk Like A Pirate Day 2020: Pirate Ship Bingo Machine
  • Trick-or-Treat 2020: Broom Rack, Cauldron Poker, Witch Hat ATM, Summoning Circle, Skull Candle, Spellbook Solitaire
  • Black Friday 2020: Black Friday ATM
  • Happy Holidays/Unbeard the Shark 2020: Bulb ATM, Bulb Bingo Machine, Holiday Lantern, Holiday Bulbs, Bulb Sculpture, Bulb Video Poker

2021 Exclusives

  • Dragon Day 2021: Dragon Day Statues
  • Mardi Gras Bead Collecting 2021: Mardi Gras Blackjack, Mardi Gras Column, Mardi Gras Mask, Mardi Gras Roulette, Mardi Gras Solitaire, Mardi Gras Video Poker
  • St. Patrick's Day 2021: Pot of Gold ATM
  • Easter Egg Hunt 2021: Candy Poker Table, Lollipop Lamp, Macaron Solitaire, Marshmallow Tree, Peep ATM, Candy Bingo Machine
  • Cinco de Mayo 2021: Cactus ATM
  • Selfie Day 2021: Photo Booth
  • Summer Olympics Race 2021: Cycling Lottery, Diving ATM, Equestrian Blackjack, Gymnast Statue, Olympic Torch, Track Poker
  • Waffle Day 2021: Waffle Poker
  • Hunting & Fishing Day 2021: Tackle Box Solitaire
  • Trick-or-Treat 2021: Pumpkin Bingo, Pumpkin Fence, Pumpkin Poker, Pumpkin Roulette, Pumpkin Video Poker
  • National Espresso Day 2021: Latte Solitaire
  • Happy Holidays/Unbeard the Shark 2021: Frosty Hat Solitaire, Giant Snowglobe, Snow Kid Bingo, Snowflakes, Snowman ATM, Snowy Pine Tree

2022 Exclusives

  • National Popcorn Day 2022: Popcorn Day Machine
  • Winter Olympics Race 2022: Gold Medal ATM, Rings Display, Ski Ice Sculpture, Ski Jump Poker, Snowboard Blackjack, Speed Skating Bar
  • St. Patrick's Day 2022: St. Patrick's Roulette
  • Easter Egg Hunt 2022: Bunny Craps, Chocolate Egg Video Poker, Easter Basket ATM, Peep Solitaire, Bunny Light, Carrot Fountain |
  • Be A Millionaire Day 2022: Diamond ATM
  • Red Rose Day 2022: Red Rose Sculpture
  • Summer Hot Dog Contest 2022: Tent ATM, Lantern Roulette, Boat Craps Table, Backpack Solitaire, Mountain Lake Bar, Campfire |
  • Dog Appreciation Day 2022: Dog Appreciation Day ATM
  • Talk Like A Pirate Day 2022: Treasure Solitaire
  • Trick-or-Treat 2022: Bloody Poker, Coffin ATM, Screaming Solitaire, Pumpkin Pile, Skeleton Butler, Skull Lottery Machine, Skeleton Neon Sign
  • Go For a Ride Day 2022: Classic Car Craps Table
  • Unbeard the Shark 2022: Snowy Owl Divider, Bunny ATM, Winter Fox Poker, Polar Bear Roulette, Penguin Bingo Machine, Garden Barrel

2023 Exclusives

  • Lunar New Year 2023: Lunar New Year Rabbit Statue
  • Valentine's Day 2023: Slots of Love (Cupid)
  • St. Patrick's Pub Crawl 2023: Lucky Lottery Machine, Lucky Craps Table, Gold Bar ATM, Leprechaun Shoe Plante, Horseshoe Blackjack Table, Leprechaun Grass Patch
  • Easter Egg Hunt 2023: Nest Poker, Chick Egg, Butterfly Craps Table, Tulip ATM, Butterfly Roulette, Tulip Planter
  • Wine Day 2023: Wine Bottle ATM
  • Yoga Day 2023: Zen Roulette
  • Summer Hot Dog Contest 2023: Water Park Bar, Water Park Bingo, Water Park Poker, Water Park Solitaire, Water Park Sign, Water Park Slide
  • Frankenstein Day 2023: Frankenstein ATM
  • Country Music Day 2023: Country Jukebox
  • Trick-or-Treat 2023: Clock of Souls, Crystal Ball Roulette, Dracula's Poker Table, Haunted Portrait, Operation Craps Table, Well of Souls
  • Go For a Ride Day 2023: Gas Pump ATM
  • Happy Holidays 2023 : Bingo Bear, Festive Fireplace, Festive Tree, Gift Solitaire, Model Train Blackjack, Snow Globe ATM

2024 Exclusives

Hot Sauce Day 2024

Hot Sauce ATM

Mardi Gras Bead Collecting 2024

Carnival Bar

Carnival Craps Table

Carnival Drink ATM

Carnival Fence

Carnival Lamp

Carnival Lottery

St. Patrick's Day 2024

Lucky Keg

Easter 2024

Bunny Video Poker

CasinoRPG 10th Birthday

Birthday Balloon Poker

Birthday Balloon Roulette

10th Birthday Blackjack

Birthday Bonanza Bar


Red Velvet Solitaire

Flying Piñata Pig

Be a Millionaire Day 2024

Diamond Roulette

Take Your Dog to Work Day 2024

Puppy Solitaire