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 ====== Global ====== ====== Global ======
-===== Global Shortcut Keys ===== + 
-  * **G** - Opens/closes the global chat window. +{{ :global_interface.jpg?nolink |}} 
-  * **Q** - Opens/closes the quick chat box (post to global chat without opening the window)+ 
-  * **S** - Lets you "saysomething locallywhich opens a speech bubble over your head+===== 1. Main Menu ===== 
-  * **H** Show/hide the HUD when outside.+Clicking this reveals a list of actions such as instant access to your condo, your crew, support and more. 
 +===== 2. Global Chat ===== 
 +Toggles the global chat window open/closedYou can also press the **G** key to accomplish the same. This will also indicate with a blue dot if there have been new messages when the quick chat display is hidden
 +===== 3. Phone ===== 
 +Toggles your phone open/closed for quick access to all of your apps and current time. You can also press the **O** key to accomplish the same. 
 +===== 4. Chips ===== 
 +Displays the current Chips in your wallet. This doesn't include Chips that are currently in your casino's Vault. 
 +===== 5. Casino Points ===== 
 +Displays the current Casino Points in your wallet. Clicking the green "+icon gives you more Casino Point related actions such as buying moreselling to other players and citizenship
 +===== 6. Mini-Map ===== 
 +Shows an overview of the area around where your character currently is (only visible when outside). Clicking on this will expand it full-screen and give you more related actions //(TODO: Link this to the article on the map)//. 
 +===== 7. Level/Experience ===== 
 +Your current level is displayed and the experience progress to the next level is indicated by the blue bar next to it. Hovering over your level shows the progress in raw numbers, and clicking it opens your user profile. 
 +===== 8. Missions ===== 
 +All of your active missions will be displayed in the top right of the screen. These will show the name, progress and timer. Clicking on these will give you more details.