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 ====== Missions ====== ====== Missions ======
-Crews in CasinoRPG ​function much like guilds in other online games. ​ You can create a group of friends to help you throughout the gamesocialize ​and even purchase and decorate your own Crew Building!+CasinoRPG ​has various types of missions scattered ​throughout the cityincluding both single ​and multiplayer missions. Most missions can be identified by a bobbing gold coin over a character'​s head.
-  * **[[Crews/​Overview]]** +  * **[[Missions/​Overview]]** 
-  * **[[Crews/Battles]]** +  * **[[Missions/Narrative]]** 
-  * **[[Crews/Wars]]**+  * **[[Missions/Sprints]]**