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Casino Points

One of two main forms of currency in CasinoRPG. Casino Points are called so because they are primarily earned by playing casino games. These are mainly used in conjunction with Chips to purchase casino items, clothing, real estate, etc. Casino Points (also known as CP) can also be acquired and sold for chips to other players through the market.


The primary of the two currencies found in CasinoRPG. Chips are used for everything in the game, from gambling and customizations to running your casino tycoon and more. Not only can Chips be earned from playing casino games, but they can also be earned by completing missions and job shifts, from a successfully managed casino, etc.


This measures your overall progression through the game and is used to calculate leveling milestones. The more experience you gain, the more freedom you have in the game world to do things like purchase land, be a high roller in casinos and much more. Experience is gained from virtually every activity in CasinoRPG.


Instead of creating a boring “main menu” screen like most games, we wanted to shoot for ultimate immersion by making the main menu part of the game world. So, when loading into the game, you load directly into your condo by default. This gives you access to things like game news/updates and changing your clothes. You can also highly customize your condo just like you can with your casinos. Walking out of the front door will take you to a town square somewhere in the city.


Characters with bobbing yellow coins floating over their heads are known as Mission Givers. You will find them scattered all throughout the city, and you can talk to them to get various missions.


There are various jobs that you can work your way through, starting with janitor. You get paid for completing shifts, and as you progress you can become more skilled at each position and get paid higher wages.


Tired of walking everywhere? No problem, just walk up to any taxi, select your destination on the map and away you go!