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Crew wars share many things in common with battles; however instead of being between 2 crews, they are between all crews and last 3 days instead of 24 hours.

3 days before war begins, the previous war's top 2 scoring crews are selected as team leaders (based on previous war scores). They can then vote on their top team member selections (like on the playground), and after 24 hours, Team Black and Team Blue are selected (ties and lower picks alternated by ranking).

No battles are allowed past this point or during war. There is an automatic entry fee of 25,000 Chips and 10 Casino Points per member after the first 3 (so a crew of 5 would have 50,000 Chips and 20 Casino Points deducted from the crew bank.) Any crew that can't cover is excluded.

Crew wars will happen every 3-5 weeks. Every crew with 3+ active members is automatically entered, and all wars follow the sames rules as a battle (except there are 3 rounds of scorecard challenges). The winning side gets a score boost based on percentage of total points. They also get their original buy-in back and any Chips left are split between crews and members based on points scored.