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 ====== Wars ====== ====== Wars ======
-Crew wars share many things in common with battles; however instead of being between 2 crews, they are between all crews and last 3 days instead of 24 hours.+Crew wars share many things in common with battles; howeverinstead of being between 2 crews, they are between all crews and last 3 days rather than just 24 hours.
-days before war begins, the previous war's top 2 scoring crews are selected as team leaders (based on previous war scores). They can then vote on their top team member selections (like on the playground), and after 24 hours, Team Black and Team Blue are selected (ties and lower picks alternated by ranking).+These will happen every 3-5 weeksstarting at different times throughout the day/night. All wars follow the same rules as a battle (except that there are 3 rounds of scorecard challenges). The winning side gets a score boost based on percent of total points. They also get their original buy-in back and any Chips left are split between crews and members based on points scored.
-No battles are allowed past this point or during war.  There is an automatic entry fee of 25,000 Chips and 10 Casino Points per member after the first 3 (so a crew of 5 would have 50,000 Chips and 20 Casino Points deducted from the crew bank.) Any crew that can't cover is excluded.+===== Participation ===== 
 +Once a crew war is declaredevery crew has 48 hours to join the war if they so wish. In order to join the war, a crew leader with battle challenge permissions must go to their crew's Battle tab and click the "join war" buttonOnce the crew has joined the war, each individual member of the crew can choose to join the war as well (there is an extra 24 hour period during team selection for members to join the war).
-Crew wars will happen every 3-5 weeks Every crew with 3+ active members is automatically enteredand all wars follow the sames rules as battle (except there are 3 rounds of scorecard challenges) The winning side gets a score boost based on percentage of total points They also get their original buy-in back and any Chips left are split between crews and members based on points scored.+Three days before war begins, the previous war’s top 2 scoring crews are selected as team leaders (based on previous war scores). They can then vote on their top team member selections (like on the playground), and after 24 hours, Team Black and Team Blue are selected (ties and lower picks alternated by ranking). 
 +[{{ :crews:war_history.jpg?direct&400|War History}}] 
 +No battles are allowed past this point or during war. There is an entry fee of 25,000 Chips and 10 Casino Points per member that opts-in to participate in the war. 
 +In addition, team sizes will be fixed using a lottery system. If one side has more crew members opted-in than the other sidea lottery will be held for each day of the war to determine which players get to participate. If you aren't selected, you'll get notice letting you know. These selections are made 24 hours in advance of the first day and 12 hours in advance of the second and third days so you know if you'll be participating the next day. 
 +===== Scorecard ===== 
 +Each player gets a scorecard during the war, which you can access by clicking the green flag in the top left of the screen. This provides them with a variety of personal, team and bonus challenges. Each time you complete personal challenge, your score will be updated if you beat your previous high score at that challenge. You can then unlock bonus challenges by completing each personal challenge once. 
 +The team challenges require a group effort to complete. Each team has the same challenges and they must be completed in order to unlock the next one. There are 5 team challenges per battle, and completing each one gives a boost to the overall team score, with a maximum of 25%. 
 +Unlike in battles, these scorecards reset every 24 hours during the war and you are able to start fresh. Your overall score is the total of each of the 3 days of scorecards. 
 +===== War List ===== 
 +You can watch the live results of the active war by going to the "BATTLES" tab of the "All Crews" window. You can also see the live stats and per-player scores of the war by going to the "BATTLE" tab of your crew's window. 
 +===== War History ===== 
 +When you aren'in an active battle or war, the "BATTLE" tab displays a list of past battles and wars. Clicking on these gives you an overview of the outcome of the war with point breakdowns per crew.